Nishgaki Guitarsの新規オーダーについて [New order for Nishgaki Guitars]


現在、弊店取扱いブランド「Nishgaki Guitars(ニシガキギター)」のカスタムオーダーを多数お申込みいただいております。非常にうれしい事です。ありがとうございます。


We are currently applying for many custom orders for our brand “Nishgaki Guitars”. Thank you very much.

As a result, future new orders will be delivered about a year later at the earliest.
We are currently receiving many requests for quotation, so it may take some time to reply. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.


現在の製作状況を、こちらのBack Order Listにて公開中です。

The current production status is available on this Back Order List.
We have archived a part of the production so far from the state of the wood, so we hope you can refer to it when considering the order.

LINK>> Nishgaki Guitars – Back Order List


完成品のアーカイヴはこちらからご確認いただけます。Finished product archives.

LINK>>Nishgaki Guitars – Archive 



現在、Nishgaki Guitarsの弊店ストック(購入可能)につきましては、こちらよりご確認いただけます。Stock of  Nishgaki Guitars (Available).

LINK>>Nishgaki Guitars – In Stock List


今後、店頭にて販売予定(入荷予定)の個体につきましては、こちらよりご確認いただけます。Individuals expected to arrive.

LINK>>Nishgaki Guitars – Coming soon



Blue Guitars YOUTUBE Channel – Nishgaki Guitars


and More…

LINK>>Blue Gutars YOUTUBE Ch – Nishgaki Guitars Movie



お問い合わせはコチラから Contact us.

LINK>>Nishgaki Guitars お問い合わせフォーム


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